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The Ripple Effect

With headlines around the country and the globe bring seemingly endless attention to gun violence – in schools, in movie theaters, in homes or on the streets – one often begins to wonder, “When will enough be enough? When will the violence end and things finally change?”

The PC(USA) found these questions surfacing frequently within various ministry and program areas of the church. As a result, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program set out to create an hour-long documentary focused on drawing attention to the far-reaching and long-lasting impact of gun violence on individuals, families and communities. Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence frames gun violence as a disaster and public health issue, and is told entirely from the perspective of those who have experienced, or respond to gun violence on a daily basis.

Most people think gun violence happens “someplace else” or to “someone else” but this disaster – gun violence – can happen anywhere. “Trigger was intended to wake people up,” said the film’s producer, David Barnhart. “Gun violence should not be the norm in our society.”

Have you or someone you know been touched in some way by gun violence? Have you thought about ways you might help prevent gun violence in your community?